Monday, February 23, 2015

1st month - Jan 25, 2015

We have had a busy ride this first month.  We meet every Tuesday morning for a 2 hour district meeting.  We meet every Wednesday morning for a two hour Senior MLS training. On Fridays we meet with our Stake Young Elders to correlate.  They come at lunch time to our home and we have lunch while we correlate.   We have monthly district meetings that last 4 to 6 hours.  Our last one was on New Years Eve.  It went until 9:00 p.m.  I guess that was to keep the young missionaries out of trouble.  Sister Smart had a 3 hour Sister's meeting last week as well.  We are still serving from 2 to 9 at the Riverton Family History Center.  Someone said we are called on a mission of meetings.

In addition to these regularly scheduled meetings, we scheduled a meeting with each of the Bishops in our 8 wards.  We introduced ourselves and gave them a copy of our job description, since MLS missionaries are a new thing in our stake.  We have also attended 3 Ward correlation meetings so far.  Each week we visit one of the wards, going all 3 hours and usually an extra sacrament meeting of another ward. Today we went to all 3 hours for 2 wards....6 hours of TB.

Some of the Bishops have shared names of people in their ward that he would like us to visit.  We have enjoyed visiting with some of them.  1st Ward has had a lot of recent widows and with our experience in loosing a spouse, he asked us to visit with some of them.

Sister Welch is a recently widowed member of the 1st Ward.  Elder Smart knew her from years ago when all of the wards in our stake were one ward. She was very sweet and we are working on finding some people to help her with some of her financial questions.  Since our visit, she has started paying her tithing and is working toward returning to the temple when her granddaughter gets married.

Sis Calton lost her husband a few months ago.He was the stake patriarch.  She is such a wonderful lady and it was pure joy for Sister Smart to get to know her and Elder Smart to renew acquaintances.
We helped her to understand about regular household things that her husband had always done, such as changing the furnace filters.

Sister Kitches is another widow that has been inactive for over 50 years.  She was very open to us probably because she felt we understood about loosing a spouse.  We loved getting to know her and the spirit helped us to recognize some of her needs. Since she had not been to church for such a long time, she was unsure as to where her deceased husband was and what would happen to their relationship after death.  We taught her the plan of salvation.  We also challenged her to attend church on Sunday.   She said she thought it was time to do so and was at church today.

Another family that we visited with is an inactive family in our home ward.  The Turners were active when he left on our mission to England, in fact, he was our home teacher.  We stopped by and had a good social visit with her, but he was not home.  We invited them to a family home evening that we were going to share pictures of our mission.  They did not show up.  Elder Smart sent a text to the Brother Turner about possibly getting together for lunch or dinner.  Brother Turner was favorable about this idea, but is out of the country for a couple of weeks.  We really would enjoy time with them and consider them good friends.

Elder Outz and Elder Werner

The young Elders gave us a referral of a recently activated family in the 7th Ward.  The Tanners are a young couple with a little baby girl.  They are interested in family history and we were able to spend an evening with them on their family history.  We had to skip this week due to computer problems with the familysearch tree program.  The technical support at familysearch has since solve the problem and we have an appointment with them tomorrow.  Our goal with them is to help them find family names to go to the temple and do baptisms for their own ancestors.

Elder Werner and Elder Outz had a baptism yesterday.  Sister Chris Steel was baptized.  She is married to an active member.  She had been attending church with him for a couple of years.  They recently moved into our stake.  The Elders found her, taught her and challenged her to baptism.  She is such a go getter and will do great in church activity and service.

We want all our family to know that we are happy to be serving this mission.  We love the Lord and are so blessed.  We have been given so much that we would be very ungrateful if we did not try to serve and help others.

Elder and Sister Smart

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