Saturday, January 24, 2015

The Call

We had been home from our England Mission about 2 1/2 months with all kinds of family and travel plans in the making, when we were called into the stake president's office with President Willes.  He asked us to turn in our papers to serve as full time member leader support missionaries in the Salt Lake South Mission specifically for the Draper Stake.  We were really taken back by this, but Sister Smart was ready to accept immediately.  Elder Smart had some big reservations about it.  He felt there were so very many seniors in the stake that had not served missions and could easily take this call.  He felt that we had been back for such a short time and we had not had time to really see and do the things that we looked forward to when we returned from England.   A lot of thought and prayers were expressed.  We had tickets to "Meet The Mormons" that week.  After viewing this movie and seeing how much so many others had given of themselves, Elder Smart realized that he needed to accept this call.  After he had agreed to accept, Sister Smart started feeling a little more than overwhelmed by this and had some second thoughts. After all our rebellion, both of us agreed to accept this call and give our best to serve the Lord, for we know that we have been so blessed.

When our call came, we were taken back again.  The call gave us about 3 weeks before we were to enter the MTC on December 15th.  Wow, we were to be there the week before Christmas.  That meant we had to finish all Christmas plans prior to entering the MTC.  We felt that we were being tried.  Were we really willing to serve the Lord when and where he wanted us to?  We recommitted ourselves and went to the MTC as instructed.  The spirit told us  that we would not be sorry if we served this mission

This was our Welcome sign at our
 first meeting.

The entrance to the MTC
 This was our second time visiting the MTC as missionaries in 2 years.  We recognized some of the trainers as the same ones that were there a little less than 2 years ago.  They recognized us as well.  I wonder if that is good or bad?   We learned and shared with the group. We participated in lots of role playing and testimony sharing.  This week fired us up and we were ready to go full force as we returned home.

Seniors at MTC One Week Before Christmas! (look hard we're there)

There was a smaller than usual amount of senior missionaries there that week.

Our mission requires lots of meetings and more and more training and role playing practice.  These meetings started the first week day we were back home.  So the 3 days prior to Christmas was spent in meetings.

We do have a testimony that this call is from the Lord and we will find success in helping "hasten the work"  if we will humble ourselves and let the spirit direct us.  We are grateful that the Lord has trusted us with this calling.  We pray to be able to serve diligently as the Lord would have us do.

A picture we found in the MTC of a baptism.
Notice the men with spears.
Their job is to keep the alligators away.

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